Invisible Apartment series & Visual Novel Player

September 2014 - now

Invisible Apartment is a series of visual novels written by Milan Kazarka. At first this story was only available on iPad and iPhones, later MacOS as well. However, it was clear there should be Windows and Linux versions as well.

Therefor I have rewritten the code to C++ and Qt so that it is easier to port the program. This is the basis for Visual Novel Player, an engine designed to play visual novels based on an XML file.

In addition I proofread the English texts of Invisible Apartment, Invisible Apartment Zero and Ten Years of Sleep.

November 2012 - February 2013

SecureCOMZ offers secure communication (voice and chat) between mobile phones using specially written apps for Android. I did not write those apps, but I did build the website from scratch to allow registration, invoicing and payment. The customer can pay using PaySafeCards from Mollie, iDeal or with MultiSafePay.

The site has been build with CakePHP, a flexible PHP framework that I like. Graphic design was done by Eurotech, with whom I worked before.

St. Antonius Hospital

December 2011 - June 2012, Januari 2014 - July 2014

St Antonius hospital is a rare occurance in healthcare: they have their own development department and actively create in-house software. Even more rare, it all runs on Linux.

Here I've been working on integrating DICOM viewers into their electronic reporting system, substantially improved their HL7 daemons and revamped their electronic laboratory request form, using my skillset of C++, HTML, a bit of CSS and quite a few lines of JavaScript.

One and half year later they asked me again to work on a project; this time I wrote a scanner application that acts as a bridge between a webbrowser and TWAIN document scanners. The user can now scan and attach a document to a patient's file with a single click.


May 2011 - June 2011

The Nederlands Woning Waarde Instituut (short: NWWI) checks and validates real estate appraisals of more than 4,300 real estate agents, thereby guaranteeing a fair and high quality appraisal.

At the NWWI I have worked on 2 projects:

Vlister outdoor swimming pools

Februari 2011, juni 2012

The Stiching Vlister Openlucht Baden association maintains 2 public outdoor swimming pools in Haastrecht and Stolwijk (2 small villages near Gouda, The Netherlands). Every year about 4,400 season subscriptions are bought by inhabitants of the towns. Processing the forms, gathering money by direct debit and (re)activating the electronic passes took a lot of time.

However, starting from 2011 subscription holders can order a season ticket from the website and pay it directly using iDeal. The payment module is fully integrated into the website. The module calculates rates for families, seniors and has the unique feature that subscriptions for multiple families can be ordered with one account.

One year later I updated the code to work with the new iDeal standard.

Radio G-FM: website for an online radiostation

May 2013

Radio G-FM is one of the best online radio stations on the internet (if I may say so myself...) However, it was in desperate need of a new website so in close collaboration with the owner a new design was made and set up with Joomla.

Legal360: networksite voor legal professionals

November 2009 - November 2010 is a networksite for legal professionals like lawyers, notaries, judges but also students of law. On the site people can read news, have discussions, book courses

Together with another freelancer I wrote a number of extensions for this site like a secretary module to update user's profiles, showing people's network, an e-card module, an improved registration module and many other small optimisations and tweaks. I also administered a couple of Linux servers, including moving a few domains with email to these servers.

LogosEuropa: webapplication for domestic freightship captains

Juli 2009 - heden

Inland shipping companies are currently having a hard time: economic crisis left and right and no central shipment trading floor anymore. To provide better insight into the market, a few captains approached Bankai Software to develop Logos Europa; a webapplication where captain can anonymously compare the offered trips with eachother. Based on data entered by the user, a whole bunch of numbers are calculated which should give an indication of the profitability of a certain trip.

I have lead the project from start to finish, from writing a project plan, gathering requirements, formulas and workflow to writing the code, testing and installation. The graphic design was made in close collaboration with a webdesigner, who checked in his changes on a daily basis while I was coding.

As of this moment, this project is still being worked on. There have been smaller and bigger enhancements to inform captains even better about the market and links with other, related systems have been established.

Secure remote support tool for non-standard OS

September 2009

To facilitate the helpdesk of a software retailer I created a remote desktop solution for an Operating System for which no standard tools were available. The requirements were that the remote session should be encrypted over the Internet and work through firewalls and NAT at the customer side. A small software package has been developed which can be installed by the customer, and with a single click access to the desktop can be granted to the helpdesk.

Electronic agenda

I built this web application for a volounteer organisation in Rotterdam. In this electronic agenda activities can be booked for various rooms in the building, together with the people involved.

The agenda has a semi-public and a protected mode; in the semi-public mode everybody can see the activities, but no names of persons. For the protected mode one has to log in; then they can see all data and optionally change them.

Medical software

In my previous wage-earning job I have worked for more than 7 years on a medical application which analyses heart cines from MR and CT scanners. The software started as a C application for Sun & Linux; in the mean time it has been transformed to a C++ application, based on Qt and runs on both Linux and Windows. The last few years I also designed various parts of the application, in addition to just programming.

CVS conversion to AccuRev

To facilitate an upgrade of CVS to AccuRev (a more advanced revision control system) I had to write scripts to perform an import of the old code repository. The original CVS repository was large and very complex due to many tags, branches and subbranches. In addition the repository was 'polluted' due to wrong tags, manual tweaks and filenames that only differed in case. AccuRev is based on atomic commits, something CVS doesn't have.

The import was divided into a number of steps; for each step a PHP script was written. By using a MySQL database the separate commits of CVS could easily be grouped into atomic commits; the tags and branches where similarely bundled. Finally, the CVS repository was imported step by step into AccuRev.

System administration

I have more than 20 years of experience with Linux system administration and (in the past) Solaris systems, both for businesses and institutions.