Services and skills

In what way can I be of service to you? Well, let's take a look:

Linux applications

Writing mature C and C++ applications. This can be a batch/command line application, a daemon but also with Graphical User Interface (GUI). The latter will be developed with Qt, which may make it possible to port the application to other platforms.

All C++ application will be written according to Object Oriented Programming (OOP) principles. In all cases coding itself will be preceeded by a phase of analysis and design.

Linux kernel modules

A rare type of specialism: Linux kernel hacking. Writing a piece of C code is one thing, writing a kernel module is a league of one's own: a mistake here can take a whole system down. Accurate and very defensive programming are essential.

Webapplications & scripting in PHP

Something that is not limited to just Linux systems but often runs on Linux, are web applications: applications in a web browser. PHP is a very flexible scripting language to write web applications with, often combined with Apache and MySQL (so called LAMP systems).

I can write the backend of a website in PHP for you (where the real calculation and database action takes place). Another possibility is to write an extension to PHP itself (in C or C++), for example to communicate with a specific libary or some in-house application.

Linux system administration

System administation has a very wide scope, but here is a list of tasks I performed in the past:

Even though system administration is usually required for longer periods I am also available for ad hoc or interim assignments.

What can you expect from me?

Simple: good quality code. I write structured, solid code without too much bells and whistles but well documented. Even though I know and use all aspects of Object Oriented Programming, I avoid overly complex constructs where they are not needed. In addition, I consider documentation to be very important; either in the form of a design, comments in code or as a short manual or reference.

About me

I am a real 'core' programmer; I like to dig myself into complex algorithms, 3D visualisation, audio and video stuff and code optimization... Building a webshop is little fun; writing an application that can smoothly render a million datapoints in a graphical visualisation is a real challenge.

Besides software development I keep myself occupied with video (filming) and electronics; I am a "developer with a soldering iron". A BF991, CD4093 or TLC2262 are no mystery for me. To let hard- and software work together is always fun!